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How a 20 nabokov.jpgyear-old Swiss beginner-reporter met the famous writer in Montreux back in the Sixties... An authentic story of a doomed interview...


By Jacques-André Widmer

Back in 1961, I started a two-year training programm as a journalist in the Editorial offices of the weekly magazine L'Illustré, in Lausanne (Switzerland), on the border of the famous Lake of Geneva. In this region where Nabokov chose to settle down for decades, the landscape is a mixture of a beautiful lake (about sixty miles long) and snowy mountain scenery. It has attracted and enticed numerous artists, writers, philosophers and VIPs from the whole world for centuries such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau (philosopher), Byron (poet), Strawinsky (composer), Courbet, Kokoshka (painters), Paul Morand (writer) Charlie Chaplin, Furtwängler (the orchestra director). The place seems to enhance the artistic inspiration of sensitive souls.


» mymontreux.ch: ": My ordeal while interviewing Nabokov"


(This story was first published on the Website of an American University some years ago...)

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