Just like Humpty Dumpty...

 interdit de s'asseoir.pngDear Jocelyn,

Due to the lack of benches on all platforms run by the Swiss Federal Railways (CFF) network, you were compelled to look upwards to address My Highness when you ventured to request my help a couple of days ago as I sat on a wall ... like Humpty Dumpty did...in the famous nursery rhyme you may have heard of...

I was about to have a great fall when all at once I saw your blond hair flattering in the breeze ...just like the host of golden dafffodils in Wordsworth's poem.

blonde.jpgYou seemed puzzled and distressed, down and out 'cos you had doubts about being on the right platform (No 6) as you intended to board the Express train bound for Montreux.

I was happy to reassure you although some weird alien ghost train was still occupying the space of your long awaited train on platform 6....

If I took the liberty of jumping upon that wall, that's because I am a seventy-five year-young guy fed up with standing up for long periods in the heat wave because Swiss people just resent watching youngsters and layabouts idling in any kind of sitting devices. This kind of sitting-pobia is widespread around our country where workaholics are encouraged to get to the top just like devotees in cultic groups.interdit de s'asseoir.png

Swiss citizens walk and wait upright: otherwise they might be mistaken for apes:-) ...

Anonymous do-gooders have scrapped all chairs and benches where they would be most necessary and most useful : on train platforms where crowds of commuters are on the verge of stampede at rush hours.quaicff.jpg

Sitting and still worse ...lying on the lawn or pavement (= curb ») in Switzerland is regarded as an offence punished by heavy penalties. Only fools and blackguards misbehave so grossly.

I was very happy to meet you and I was about to offer you a 1st class ticket but this is not possible. Unless you issue such a ticket before boarding any Swiss train, you take the risk of being fined if you cannot hand out the proper ticket.

Good job we could just exchange our credentials before the departure of the train.

 I thus know who you are and vice-versa.

Let's meet soon in Geneva, Montreux, Interlaken or Washinton DC.

I might need a btfl young blond attorney next time I cross over the Atlantic pond:-)

Best regards, my dear Jocelyn...


PS : I'll write a more elaborate private message by e-mail. It's really worth protecting from intruders and eavesdroppings


 Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall...

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Presque à chaque fois que je dois prendre un train je peste contre cette nouvelle disposition des CFF qui vise à assurer des flux importants de passagers en supprimant les obstacles que constituent des bancs.
Je ne suis pas certain que la mesure soit efficace car j'observe souvent que les escaliers servent de palliatifs et rendent donc les transits encore plus dangereux.
Mais au final, j'ai, malgré moi, eu l'occasion de faire un petit exercice physique en étant contraint à rester debout et immobile. Je vois donc dorénavant le verre à moitié plein et profite de cet instant pour méditer sur ma contrariété.
Ne trouvez-vous pas aberrant de voir les fitness club proliférer pour tenter de garder la ligne alors que nous pouvons tous, au quotidien et dans nos moindres déplacements, pratiquer le mouvement et maintenir une musculature minimale sans même y penser ?

Écrit par : PIerre Jenni | 08/08/2016

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